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Garage Floor Preparation

Our Garage Floor system is not the same as Home Depot or Lowe’s epoxy floor kit system, and if someone thinks they can use that floor system and match the quality and durability of our system, I wouldn’t let them touch your garage floor. I would not trust anyone who says they can simply pressure wash the garage floor and lay down an epoxy floor system.

The preparation for an epoxy floor system is critical to good adhesion and success of the floor system. We train our dealers to focus a lot of their floor work on the preparation. We understand that customers want to pay for the garage floor once and not have to worry about it peeling, fading, yellowing or hot tires ruining. According to the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) each applications to concrete has different floor preparation requirements. Because the polymer flooring needs a pore’s floor to adhere one of the best ways is to grind or shot blast your concrete floor. The concrete should feel like 120 grit sandpaper. Below is a chart showing what type of prep work is required for certain types of floor systems.

Garage Floor Preparation:

  •  Fix cracks and level surfaces that are uneven
  • Grind entire floor with floor machine using a 20-30 diamond grit blade
  • Pressure wash or Vacuum all remaining dust and debris
  • Squeegee any water puddle to help dry
  • Tape off edges or things not to be painted

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